Bow Scraps by Jared Zachary and Freedom From Doubt


Freedom From Doubt takes a fresh approach on the classic dapper gentleman. Designer Jared Zachary developed his eye for design while studying architecture, but his interest in designing spaces was soon translated into fashion. He launched Freedom From Doubt in 2009 producing hand-crafted bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares in the United States. The designs feature a variety of fabric options including wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, and linen. Jared constructs every piece by hand to ensure impeccable quality. Tastemakers worldwide seek out Freedom From Doubt for its one of a kind styles.

Freedom From Doubt defines self-confidence. The brand offers distinctive handmade accessories that will accent the individuality of your style, and take any styled wardrobe to a new level.

"Tomorrow has come; the paradigm that represents success has been permanently altered. It is time to bury our misconceptions of what defines the successful man and woman and face the day with confidence in ourselves. We may consider ourselves successful if we are free from doubt." ~Jared Zachary